VHS, VHSC, 8mm Tape, Hi8, Digital8, BetacamSP, Betamax, DVCPRO25, DV/MiniDV, DVCam
Tape to DVD
$20.00 for the first hour and $5.00 for each additional hour per disc.
*For duplication and labeling prices see CD/DVD page

Transfer to Tape Master (plus cost of tape)
VHS $20.00 Call for tape prices
VHSC $20.00 $6.00 per tape
Digital8 $25.00 $7.00 per tape
BetacamSP $25.00 Call for tape prices
DVCPRO25 $25.00 Call for tape prices
DV $25.00 Call for tape price
Mini DV $25.00 $8.00