Standard Package: Photos at $0.95 each
Basic Dissolve Transition between each photo, One Title at Beginning and End, Music of your choice, Play entire songs fade up at beginning and fade down at end.
Premium Package: Photos at $1.20 each

Special Effects and Themed Transitions (ex. Page turn, Water Ripple, Ball bounce, Curtain rise)
Titles throughout Video, Music Editing, CD of Digital pictures From Prints.
Prints and digital media (CDs, floppies, memory cards) accepted.

~Slides to Video~
Loose: $1.20 each
In Kodak Carousel: $1.00 each
*Slight quality loss in slide duplication, due to difference in projected image vs.NTSC TV system*
DVD Master $29.00 includes label
*For CD/DVD duplication rates see CD/DVD page